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Service Throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Since 1991

Service Throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Since 1991

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Plumbing and Remodeling Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

We’ve become so accustomed to plumbing in our homes that we rarely think about how important it is. Home plumbing has existed since the time of the Romans, and today provides essential clean water for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Your plumber should be as important to you as your mechanic or even your doctor.

Luckily, residents of St. Louis, MO have the friendly professionals at Performance Plumbing to call upon. We provide a wealth of plumbing services, including remodeling jobs, replacement calls, repairs and maintenance. Our staff is all thoroughly background checked and our stocked trucks are ready to roll the moment you encounter any problems.

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Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, Since 1991

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Remodeling Services

A remodeling project can make exciting improvements to your home, turning an outdated kitchen or bathroom into something that absolutely sparkles. But there are practical considerations to balance against your aesthetic wishes. You want to ensure that your new space is everything you wanted, but also that it’s easy to make use of on a daily basis.

A good plumber can be your best friend on that front, and here in St. Louis, MO, that's us. We provide quality remodeling services for all parts of your home, and ensure that the plumbing works exactly the way it should when you’re done. If you want the job done the right way the first time, give us a call today! Read more

Plumbing Services

Indoor plumbing has existed for thousands of years, and in some ways, it hasn’t changed a bit. Clean water still needs to be available in your home for cooking, cleaning and bathing, while used or dirty water needs to be drained out of the home and into the St. Louis, MO sewer system. But the methods of doing that have changed a great deal, and every year, new technology and features are made available to ensure that your plumbing system performs as expected.

Here at Performance Plumbing, we go the extra mile to ensure that our plumbing services are the very best in the St. Louis, MO area. All of our service technicians undergo thorough background checks and are expected to maintain the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Our trucks are fully stocked with whatever our plumbing technicians may need, so we can get to the task at hand quickly and efficiently. For installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services on plumbing systems of all varieties, call on our trained team today! Read more

Water Heater Services

Modern homes simply cannot function without a reliable water heater, designed to provide hot water on command for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Most of us in St. Louis, MO are accustomed to tank water heaters: the long cylindrical devices that heat water in a large tank. But other types of water heater exist, including heat pump water heaters, tankless water heaters and high efficiency water heaters.

Regardless of what system you use, however, you need the right plumbing service to perform installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services on yours. Performance Plumbing works on gas water heaters and electric water heaters alike, and our trained team can respond quickly in the event of an emergency. Contact us today to set up a consultation! Read more

Water Treatment System Services

Our municipal water system in St. Louis, MO is safe and effective, delivering clean water to our homes for drinking, cooking and bathing. But no system is perfect, and occasionally trouble can slip through the system. Similarly, some homes may have specific concerns about the cleanliness of their water, and homeowners wish to take steps above and beyond the safeguards of the municipal system to keep their household water as clean as possible.

In all these cases, the installation of a water treatment system can be a huge boon: preventing contaminants such as bacteria, mold and hard water from getting into your system. The friendly pros at Performance Plumbing can install and replace water treatment systems for both residential and commercial use. Call us today and let us know how we can help! Read more

Commercial Services

Plumbing is often thought of in terms of residential homes, but commercial properties have an even greater need for it. Restaurants and similar businesses require good plumbing to function, and even more mundane office buildings still need sinks and toilets for the occupants to use during the day. All of them require trained plumbers to install, repair, maintain and replace the right way.

At Performance Plumbing, we got our start as commercial plumbing contractors, and it continues to be a staple of our business. That extends well beyond commercial plumbing installation. We can maintain, repair and replace plumbing in existing commercial properties as well. Whatever your business’s plumbing needs, we can answer them: Your Problem Is No Problem, so call us today! Read more