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Backflow Prevention and Testing in St. Louis and Surrounding Area

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Backflow prevention prevents your plumbing system from pushing contaminated water back into your clean water pipes. When this happens, it can contaminate the city water supply for all homes connected, which is why it’s important to have a trusted team of certified plumbers like the ones here at Performance Plumbing to handle your installation.

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Our plumbers are certified, undergo continued education, and work thoroughly to ensure your backflow preventer is installed properly.

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Backflow Preventer Installation

We provide backflow preventer installation that meets local plumbing codes and ensures contaminated water doesn’t flow into your clean water pipes. Our plumbers identify the ideal location for your backflow preventer and install it with meticulous attention to detail.

Backflow Preventer Testing

Your backflow preventer must be tested to ensure it’s working properly. Failure to regularly test your backflow preventer could result in wastewater entering the pipes that bring clean drinking water into your home. We provide backflow testing so your home will be in compliance with local codes and ensure your clean water pipes only flow one way.

Can I Test My Own Backflow Preventer?

No. Backflow preventers must be inspected by a licensed backflow tester. These professionals are required to be licensed by the Department of Natural Resources in order to perform this service. Some municipalities will require a licensed plumber with a DNR to test backflow preventers. It is not a task that homeowners can perform on their own.

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