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Hydro Jetting Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

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Few things can be as frustrating as a clog in your pipe, which prevent your outlets from draining and can leave a nasty mess in your sink or tub. There are plenty of solutions available over the counter, but to deal with the issue properly, you need to call in a professional. Trained plumbers provide hydro jetting, a unique technology can handle even the most stubborn clog the right way.

Here in St. Louis and surrounding areas, the friendly pros at Performance Plumbing offer hydro jetting services as the definitive solution to any clogs in your drain. Our staff has the licensing and experience to handle the job the right way, and our vans come fully stocked with all the equipment they need to fix your clog swiftly and effectively.

If your drains are giving you problems in the St. Louis, MO area, contact us today!


Why Not Just Use a Store–Bought Solution?

Solutions like cleansers and snakes (available at most supermarkets) are problematic because they usually do the absolute minimum required to open up the drain. A chemical cleanser, for example, will eat away at only part of the clog, but leave the rest intact, while a layman’s snake will open a core of the clog up to drain the water, but similarly will leave the rest intact. That means you’re likely to have to deal with the clog again in a few months or even weeks, to say nothing of any other clogs that might be forming in other sections of the drain. That forces you to keep buying the same halfway solution over and over again: wasting money and causing undue stress on the pipes in your St. Louis and surrounding areas home.

How Is Hydro Jetting Different?

Hydro jetting differs from other forms of drain cleaning because it only uses water down the drain: not harsh chemicals or scratching snakes. A hose is fitted around the drain opening and short, powerful pulses of water are fired down the pipe. As the water pulses continue, they break down the clog until nothing is left, sweeping it all away and leaving completely clear pipes behind.

The benefit of this method comes with savings and efficiency. The pipes aren’t exposed to corrosive chemicals or harsh brushes: just the same water they carry effortlessly day in and day out. And yet it’s comprehensive, not only eliminating every trace of the clog, but wiping away any other clogs that may be forming in the same length of pipe. That saves your money and aggravation, and your pipes are clean as a whistle.

Let Us Take Care of It

Hydro jetting is perfectly safe, but because the water is under high pressure, it requires licensing to ensure it’s used safely. Here in St. Louis and surrounding areas, that means trusting our trained team to come in and do the job right. Our technicians are all licensed and background checked, and can perform the operation without fuss or bother. If you have a stubborn clog that shuts down a sink or a drain that never quite seems to work the right way, call our staff to set up an appointment. We’ll go over the procedure with you and find the right time to perform the operation!

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