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Sewer Lateral Line Repair Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

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When it comes to your plumbing, there can be a bit of confusion about which parts are the homeowner’s responsibility and which fall under the jurisdiction of the city. The main drain lines in your home need to connect to the St. Louis and surrounding areas main sewer system. A sewer lateral line, also known as a private sewer service lateral, transfers the wastewater from the home into the municipal sewer system. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to care for these lateral lines and to repair them when they run into trouble.

The friendly team at Performance Plumbing can take care of those duties for you, with the training, experience, credentials and equipment to handle sewer lateral line repair services whenever trouble arises. We serve homes throughout the St. Louis, MO area, and our team makes emergency calls so you won’t have to wait for help. At Performance Plumbing, Your Problem Is No Problem, so call us today!


Why Would the Sewer Lateral Line Need Repairs?

Sewer lateral lines are usually buried beneath your yard or the sidewalk near your St. Louis and surrounding areas home, which insulates them from harm in many cases. But age and corrosion can cause a breakdown in their structural integrity, as can shifting earth that places pressure on the pipe. Tree roots can infiltrate the pipe as well, and clogs remain as common as they do in any other pipe in your home.That can be tricky when it comes to repairs because you need to get at the pipe in order to get the problem fixed. Fortunately, our team knows a number of corrective techniques and has specialized tools to perform the job quickly and effectively. Call on us today and let us know how we can help!

Watch for Signs of Trouble

Sewer lateral lines are hard to watch for signs of trouble, though you will certainly notice if there’s a clog or similar issue backing up your wastewater. Leaks and similar damage are a lot more difficult, because the line is usually buried underground. But there are still subtle cues you can look for to indicate a problem, including:

  • Puddles forming in your yard without any apparent source.
  • Trees or vegetation appearing greener in some patches of your yard than others.
  • Sounds of dripping or running water where there’s no cause to see any.
  • Water that drains slowly in your home’s plumbing or other signs that the drains may be clogged. (With the sewer lateral line, it will likely affect every outlet in the house.)

Speed and Efficiency are Important

The difficulty with sewer lateral lines is reaching them to perform repairs. Up until a few years ago, it meant excavating the pipe, which required time, manpower and expensive equipment. But these days, canny plumbers can do a great deal without having to dig: using hydro jetting, cutting machines, and other forms of trenchless repair that cut down on time without sacrificing efficiency. Our team has the skills you can rely on for tough repair jobs like these, and we can move on short notice to get the issue addressed quickly. Call us today to learn more!

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