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Yard Drain Stoppage Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

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Your yard likely has some manner of drainage designed to keep rain water and water from your garden from pooling on your lawn. It can be as simple as a drainage ditch or something more formal such as piping leading to the St. Louis and surrounding areas sewage system. But these forms of drainage can get clogged by debris, especially after a heavy rain which sends leaves, twigs and other detritus to block the flow of water through those drains.

If this becomes a recurring problem for your St. Louis and surrounding areas home, or your yard drains suffer damage of any sort, call on the professionals at Performance Plumbing to help. We’ll arrive with our fully stocked trucks and take a careful assessment of the situation, then recommend the best course of action. In many cases, the issue can be resolved on the spot!


What Causes Problems with Yard Drainage?

Clearing out debris from your yard drains after a big storm is just part and parcel of maintaining your home, and if the water flows freely down your drain or pipes once you do so, so much the better. Unfortunately, not all problems with yard drainage are so easily resolved. Roots can get into the piping and cause blockage, while damage to the pipes could cause water you need drained to seep into the already soaked ground. The issue requires professional services to resolve in these case.

Luckily, our team is on call and ready to go when you need us. We service homes throughout the St. Louis, MO area!

How Professionals Resolve It

Drainage problems can usually be resolved quickly by trained professionals, but it requires the proper tools, which in turn requires experience and licensing to handle safely. If at all possible, we prefer to use hydro jetting to resolve the issues, which sends bursts of water at high pressure down the pipe to blast away the clog.

Roots and similar tough problems can usually be fixed up using drain machines or cutting tools, which are sent down the drain to slice through the offending material. Drain machines are available for rent, but our team possesses the knolwegde to handle them the right way, and can usually get the problem fixed very quickly.

Count on Us for Larger Drain Issues

Sometimes, the problem with the drain pipe comes from actual damage to the drains themselves, which means replacing the damaged section with a new one. In other cases, your yard may not be draining properly at all, which means a new drainage system tailored to your needs would be just the thing to help you out.

Experience counts in situations like these, and our trained staff has years of yard drainage service to stand behind. We can assess the state of your yard quickly and accurately and go over your options with you, then perform the installation, repair or replacement service with skill and pride. We’ll work with you to set up a timely schedule for such operations, and ensure that your new drainage system is ready to go by the time the next rainstorm comes!

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