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Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles, Since 1991

Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles, Since 1991

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Water Filtration System Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

Water Filter Installation

Does your water look cloudy and taste strange? Do you find the clothes fading from multiple laundry sessions very quickly? Does showering or bathing leave your skin feeling red and raw? You may have an issue with the purity of your water. While the St. Louis and surrounding areas municipal water system is very reliable, no system is perfect, and you may find your water not quite as clean as you’d like.

A whole house water filtration system makes an excellent solution to such difficulties. Home water filtration systems provide a quality comparable to bottled water purchased in stores, all for a single installation cost. The friendly professionals at Performance Plumbing can install such water filters throughout the St. Louis, MO area. Call us today and we’ll go over your options with you!

Why Are They Needed?

While the water in St. Louis and surrounding areas is safe, that’s not the same as it being the best it can be. Perform an experiment: fill one ice cube tray from the tap in your home and another with filtered water purchased at a store. You’ll find the ice from the store water is much clearer than the ice from the tap. That translates to tastier, crisper water, and tastier food prepared with that water. It can also help extend the life of your clothing with gentler washes, and even help your baths and showers feel more pleasant.

Our trained team is licensed, experienced and fully background checked to perform the highest level of service with all our operations. We’ll help you select a water filtration system that fits your needs, then set it up perfectly in your existing plumbing system. Contact our team to get the process started.

A Solid Installation Prevents Problems Down the Line

A whole home water filtration system needs to be installed by the right service, with an eye on every step and a great deal of attention to detail. A good installation means that the water filter will function exactly as intended and do its job as effectively as possible. A substandard installation will lower the unit’s efficiency with shoddy fittings and the like, leading to a higher rate of wear and breakdowns sooner than expected.

Experience matters in instances like these, and our team has the years in the field to handle water filtration installation for all manner of homes and businesses. We back all of our work, and our customer satisfaction rating speaks for itself.

We’re There Swiftly for Repairs

In the event something goes wrong with your water filtration system, chances are you don’t want to wait around for a repair service. We understand that repair calls need to respond very quickly, which is why our trucks come fully loaded to handle any problem your system may encounter. Furthermore our trained team stays up to date on the latest brands, models and innovations to ensure that we know exactly how to handle the issue with your system. Clean and tasty water shouldn’t be something you compromise on, and our company knows how important your home water supply is. If you want a water filtration system installed and maintained the right way, give us a call!

Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, Since 1991