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Service Throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Since 1991

Service Throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Since 1991

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Plumbing Fixture Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

Plumbing is nothing without fixtures, which require running water for us to use. That can involve anything from toilets and sinks to showers and water to run your refrigerator’s ice maker. It can also entail the plumbing in St. Louis and surrounding areas' commercial properties: urinals, flushometers, electronic eye sinks and commercial ice makers, among others.

Whether you’re a residential homeowner or the owner or operator of a business space here in St. Louis and surrounding areas, you need your fixtures to function as intended whenever you need them. You also need a trained plumbing service to replace them in the event you need an upgrade or a new fixture. Call the friendly professionals at Performance Plumbing to handle installation, repair and replacement!

Trust Us for Plumbing Problems at Home

St. Louis and surrounding areas households can be brought to a halt when there’s trouble with a plumbing fixture. The good news is that the issue is usually quite obvious: far more so than it might be for a hidden pipe or isolated appliance like a water heater. The bad news is that the fixture shouldn’t be used until a plumber has had a look at it.

Our team is the source to turn to whenever those problems raise their head. We can repair all manner of fixtures, from sinks, faucets and showers, to garbage disposals and toilets. Our vans are fully stocked, meaning that we can usually take care of the problem immediately, and we’ll prepare an estimate up front so you always know what you’ll be paying for.

Businesses Need Fixture Repairs even More Urgently

Some businesses depend on fixtures to function. You can’t run a restaurant without an operating sink or commercial ice maker, and flooded urinals will turn customers away. Industrial settings often need fixtures like electronic eye sinks and flushometers as a matter of safety. When they become damaged, you can’t simply wait until a plumber is available to get it fixed. Every hour you wait is an hour that disrupts your business.

Commercial plumbing services are one of our specialties, and we know how important functioning fixtures are to keeping your business running smoothly. If you’re having trouble with one of the fixtures in your space – especially if it’s a matter of safety or something absolutely necessary to the functioning of your company – then our team is the one to call. We’ll be there anytime, day or night!

We Handle Fixture Remodeling Too

Sometimes, there isn’t anything specifically wrong with your plumbing fixtures to warrant a change. Sometimes you just want a new look for your space, or your business is undergoing an aesthetic overall and you want the fixtures to reflect that.

Fixture remodeling is a great way to get a new fresh look for the space without spending the kind of money that comes with full remodeling. It can also net you new features, such as faucets with adjustable heads or low flow toilets to save you money. Our trained team can go over all of your options with you, then replace your outdated fixtures to your exact specifications!

Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, Since 1991