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Service Throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Since 1991

Service Throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Since 1991

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Outside Hose Faucet Services in St. Louis, MO

Outdoor plumbing often receives short shrift, since the pipes are often buried beneath the ground (and thus less prone to damage) while sprinkler heads and other outlets can usually be easily replaced by homeowners themselves in the event they suffer damage. But outdoor hose faucets and other key components often need professional attention, especially in the face of our cold St. Louis, MO winters.

At Performance Plumbing, our team can perform repair or replacement services on outside hose faucets in your St. Louis, MO home. That means identifying the problem quickly and performing repairs effectively, as well as planning installation or replacement services with you in the event you require it. We have the skills you need to handle any outside hose faucet issues you may have, so call us today!

Maintenance is a Key Part of Preventing Problems

Outside hose faucets and other elements of your outside plumbing are vulnerable to the realities of our St. Louis, MO weather, especially our freezing winters which can wreak havoc with unprotected outlets. You can help prevent problems by performing a little basic maintenance to your outside plumbing.

Turn off the water to outside outlets every fall, then turn on the faucets to drain the water out of the pipes. This will prevent freezing pipes or burst pipes in your system during our cold winters. In addition, check your outside faucets at least once a month or so to ensure that water flow isn’t restricted and no leaks have sprung up. We provide routine maintenance inspection services that can handle such duties as well.

Count on Professionals to Install a New Outdoor Faucets or Sprinklers

Sometimes, you may want to expand your existing outside plumbing system, or add a new faucet outside to let you connect your hose to a water source with more ease than you can currently. In such cases, it’s important to rely on a trained and licensed plumber to do the job properly. Experience counts in matters such as these, and a good plumbing service can perform the job with effectiveness and care.

That means more than just paying attention during the installation itself. It means consulting with you before the operation is underway to determining your specific needs in installing a new outdoor faucet, and making sure that those needs are met. It means explain the steps in the process and why they’re necessary, as well as keeping you in the loop during every step of the installation process.

We’re Ready to Go When You Need Repairs

Repairing an outdoor faucet or plumbing line is no different than repairing an indoor faucet or plumbing line. In both cases, you need a plumber with the right set of skills to do the job, and most of the time you need them to move quickly when you have need of them, so that your plumbing system doesn’t suffer additional damage in the interim.

That’s why we respond not only with the most experienced plumbers in the business, but with stocked trucks, allowing us to get to work on your faulty plumbing quickly and effectively!

Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, Since 1991