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Plumbing, Water Heater and Remodeling Services in Kirkwood, Missouri

Are you searching for a plumber in Kirkwood, MO? Performance Plumbing is an A+ Rated business by the BBB, and we offer a variety of plumbing services throughout Kirkwood, MO. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services, including water heater repairs and complete bathroom / kitchen remodeling. 

Plumbing is one of the staples of your Kirkwood, MO home: providing you with clean hot water for cooking, cleaning and bathing. That depends not only on quality pipes and outlets, but key appliances like the water heater to ensure that the water is the temperature you need.

When something goes wrong with that system, you need someone with the right training, licensing and tools to do the job right. That’s why you should trust Performance Plumbing for plumbing and water heater services throughout the Kirkwood, MO area. We have years of experience to handle any issue!

Kirkwood, MO Plumbing Services

Ideally, every plumbing problem in your Kirkwood, MO home would take place during normal business hours when you’re home and can deal with it. But real life doesn’t work that way, and sometimes you’ll be forced to handle an issue in the middle or the night or over the weekend.

At Performance Plumbing, we know that plumbing services can’t always wait. That’s why we offer emergency repair calls to handle your issue when you need us to.

Professional Services Perform Quality Plumbing Repair

The big reason for using a professional plumbing service instead of trying to fix a problem yourself is the quality of the workmanship involved. A plumber with proper training and licensing backing them up means you won’t have to rely on inadequate solutions for leaks or clogs, and that the problem stays fixed once the operation is complete.

Kitchen Remodeling Can Be Transformative

A kitchen remodeling project may sound like a daunting prospect, but with the right plumbing team on your side, it can feel like you’re getting a whole new home.

Not only can you change the aesthetics of the space - transforming cabinet surfaces and countertops - but you can adjust the major features, making it easier for you to move around when you prepare meals and able to more deftly navigate when searching for foodstuffs, utensils or dishes.

Call in a Plumber When You Detect Problems with Your Toilet

Problems with your toilet can mean anything from a leak in the basin to a toilet that constantly runs all the time. Because it’s such an important part of your household, the issue needs to be addressed the right way so it won’t come back to haunt you.

If the trouble can’t be fixed by judicious use of a plunger, then turn off the water to the toilet and call in our trained, licensed and certified team to do the job the right way!

Kirkwood, MO Water Heater Services

We often take our water heaters for granted, since they have few moving parts and rarely suffer from sudden breakdowns. But when trouble arrives, it tends to come out of nowhere.

That’s why the right plumbing service is so important, not only moving quickly to handle any issues with your water heater, but performing annual maintenance to help stop those issues from cropping up in the first place. It keeps your water heater running without issues for many years.

Count on Reliable Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters remain the staple in most homes for a reason. They’re easy to use and fairly simple in conceit, which allows them to provide hot water without a lot of issues. Keeping them reliable means periodic maintenance sessions from a trained plumber, which can help you reduce the risks of breakdown and ensure the water heater remain reliable.

Do You Need Maintenance on a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are designed to work effectively and quickly, and like their tank model cousins, it can be some time before you realize there’s signs of trouble. The best way to prevent this is to schedule regular maintenance sessions for it, to let a professional look for damage.

Water Leaks Require Swift Action

If you spot a water leak, you know there’s not a moment to lose. Water leaks can severely impair key components in your home, such as the kitchen sink or bathroom toilet. Moreover, leaking water can damage surrounding material like drywall, and turn a relatively inexpensive repair job into a very costly one.

That’s why our plumbers all use fully stocked trucks so we can get to work immediately upon arrival. And we provide emergency services for late nights and weekends as well!

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