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Condensate Drain Line Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

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It may surprise you to learn that plumbers have a role to play in air conditioning repair, but depending upon the nature of the problem, that may be exactly what you need. Air conditioners create condensate when they cool the air, which is collected in a drain pan and removed via a drain line. That line can experience the same problems that any other plumbing line can, including clogs, leaks and breaches.

If your HVAC system is experiencing problems with the condensate drain line here in St. Louis and surrounding areas, call on the team at Performance Plumbing to help. We have the experience and training needed to handle the issue the right way, and we’ll make sure the issue is fiixed the first time every time. We move swiftly too, so those hot summer days won’t have time to warm your household up. Contact our team today!


How Does The Condensate Drain Line Work?

When you lower the temperature of the air, the ambient moisture shifts from gaseous to liquid form, coalescing into droplets. It’s how we get dew on the ground in the early hours of the morning, when the air is at its coolest.

The same phenomenon takes place in your air conditioner, which needs to remove the condensate before it can damage sensitive components. A drip pan collects the droplets and a drain line removes the condensate from the system.

What Happens When There’s Trouble?

If a leak or a clog in the drain line appears, you can see how much of a problem it will become. The pan will quickly overflow, or a leak may damage other components, and while many air conditioners have safety features that prevent them from turning on in such circumstances, you still need to get the issue treated if you want your system to run the right way.

This is a particular issue in our neck of the woods because summers are so humid, which means there’s a lot of excess moisture in the air. Air conditioners can easily become overwhelmed by the high levels of mugginess and shut down: remaining only fitfully reliable at best until the issue with the condensate drain is addressed.

Count on Us to Solve the Problem

If you suspect that there’s a problem with the drain line in your air conditioner, count on our team to perform repairs quickly and confidently. We have the equipment needed to solve problems with any lines, including natural gas lines and similar components. We also have plenty of experience treating problems with condensate drain lines, from clogs to leaks to replacement services.

We carry all of the necessary equipment and supplied in our stocked trucks, and our team is skilled at the specific nature of condensate line clogs and leaks, so we can quickly pinpoint the problem and get it fixed. If your air conditioner is evincing this kind of trouble in the middle of summer, don’t just wait around for a slow service to get its act together. Call on us today!

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