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Plumbing, Water Heater and Remodeling Services in Maryland Heights, Missouri

Are you searching for a plumber in Maryland Heights? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Performance Plumbing is proud to offer plumbing services throughout the Maryland Heights, MO area including replacement, installation, and repair services. Contact us today to learn more about our vast array of plumbing services, including water heater repair and complete kitchen /bathroom remodeling services. 

Is your plumbing showing signs of leaks, clogs or other problems? Or maybe the issue is larger than just a single length of pipe: requiring an extensive remodeling service to correct. Larger or small, such difficulties have the same principles behind them, which means you should always trust a trained plumber for them.

At Performance Plumbing, all of our plumbers are trained, licensed and thoroughly checked, so you can count on them for any project. Our vans are fully stocked and we serve homes throughout the Maryland Heights, MO area, so call us today!

Don’t Trust Your Plumbing System to Just Anyone

There are a lot of plumbing services in the Maryland Heights, MO area, and it can be hard to determine which one is right for your plumbing problem. And adequate service will do the job, but you want to make sure the problem is fixed the right way so it won’t recur.

At Performance Plumbing, we’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our team is all fully licensed and background checked to ensure the highest levels of plumbing service!

Speed and Efficiency Make a Difference with Plumbing Repair

Plumbing repair calls in Maryland Heights, MO need to follow two basic principles. Firstly, the repair needs to be done the right way, so that the problem doesn’t crop up again in a few weeks or months, But it also has to take place quickly, so that your household can get back to your very full lives.

Sink Repair or Replacement Should Be Handled Carefully

If you’re looking at a sink with a clog or a leak, or even one that needs to be replaced, never attempt to deal with the issue on your own. The sink is likely one of the most important spots in your home, and if it’s not repaired or replaced by an experienced professional, you’re likely to feel the difference every time you use it.

Call on us to ensure that your sink is repaired or replaced the right way!

Always Factor Bathroom Plumbing into Your Remodeling Plans

A bathroom remodeling can be a great way to give outdated countertops a newer, more beautiful facelift. But it’s also a good chance to assess the state of the plumbing in your bathroom as well, including pipes as well as sinks and other fixtures.

With the right plumber on your side, you can ensure that your new bathroom is practical as well as beautiful, and that you can use your new space every day without any problems!

We Cover Water Heater Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Water heaters are one of those appliances that never seems to wear out, and that’s something you want. With proper care and maintenance a new water heater should provide you with many years of trouble free service. Of course, that depends on getting the right team to be there for it whenever you need them.

Our company prides itself on customer satisfaction, and our trained technicians can handle every aspect of water heater service, including installation, repair and maintenance!

The Benefits of a Tank Water Heater

Tank water heaters are in common use for a reason. Once set up, they can be replaced fairly easily, which saves you money when purchasing a new one. They do their jobs quietly and without complaint, and because they have few moving parts, they are usually very reliable. With the right plumber, you can help yours last a long time as well.

Why Use Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters cost more to install than tank models, and they usually have a limit as to the amount of hot water they support. In exchange, they use up much less space than tank models, they don’t run out of hot water (since they heat the water instantly as it flows through the pipes), and they tend to cost less to run on a monthly basis.

We Repair Water Leaks The Right Way

Any plumber can patch a leak in your pipe or replace a faulty length of pipe, but that doesn’t always do what you need. More extensive damage can lead to recurring problems, and a really good plumbing service will pinpoint the cause of the leak to determine if the issue will crop up again.

That’s why we put such pride in our team of plumbers: fully licensed, certified and driving the best stocked vans in the area.

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