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Plumbing, Water Heater and Remodeling Services in Olivette, Missouri

Looking for an Olivette Plumber? At Performance Plumbing, we’re proud to offer a variety of plumbing services throughout the Olivette, MO area. From basic needs such as water heater maintenance and drain cleaning to a more comprehensive job such as a complete bathroom or kitchen remodel, we’re the contractor you can trust. We’ve earned an A+ Rating from the BBB thanks to our highly skilled plumbers and commitment to excellence. Call us today to learn more about the plumbing services we offer in Olivette. 

Big plumbing projects in your Olivette, MO home can seem daunting. A remodeling project, for instance, can involve piping outlets, and surface details such as countertops, while a faulty water heater will need repair or replacement from a licensed plumbing service.

In both cases, you need to trust your plumbing service to handle such a big project the right way, just as you would trust a car mechanic or even a doctor to do their job. Here in Olivette, MO, that means the trained team at Performance Plumbing. Call on use for quality work every time!

Learn How to Spot the Signs of Plumbing Problems

Generally speaking, the sooner you can spot the signs of a plumbing problem in your Olivette, MO home, the better off you’ll be. You can call in a plumber before the damage becomes too extensive, and ensure that the problem is fixed without growing worse.

Anything out of the ordinary can constitute the signs of a plumbing problem, but more specifically look for problems in functionality: low water flow, a lack of hot water and the like. Strange noises, odd puddles, and higher water bills are also trouble.

Take These Steps Before Calling Plumbing Repair

If you think you need plumbing repair, the first step is to contain the damage. If you think the problem is localized to a single outlet, turn off the water to that outlet alone. Otherwise, shut off water to your entire Olivette, MO home: every family member should know where the main water valve is and how to use it.

Always Prioritize with a Kitchen Remodeling Service

Kitchen remodeling projects can be very exciting and there’s a natural urge to get every feature you ever wanted into the new space. Sadly, we rarely get everything we want, either through practical necessity (there’s only so much square footage) or financial limitations.

The best way to sort out your wish list is to rank them by priority, with the most desired features first. It will help you determine what’s really important from what you can let go.

Watch for Leaks in Your Shower or Tub

A leaky shower or tub can be a major-league nuisance: adding to the wet when you try to clean yourself and even preventing the shower or tub from working in some cases. Leaks like that need to be addressed quickly before they damage the floor of your bathroom and other parts of your home.

If you spot a leak in a shower or tub, you should refrain from running water in it until the matter is addressed by a trained plumber.

We Handle Water Heater Replacement Services

Water heaters are designed to last a long time and with regular maintenance you can extend their lifespan even further, but sooner or later, the time comers to put it out to pasture. When that day comes, you want an experienced professional to assess the situation, lay out your options for you, and perform a quality replacement service.

Our team is licensed, bonded, and backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Call on us to replace your water heater!

Trust Us to Take Care of Your Tank Water Heater

A tank water heater is an essential part of modern living, and if yours ever breaks down, you will quickly learn just how much you and your family rely on it. That’s why we put such a high emphasis on water heater service, and while our team can handle installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement at all stages of your water heater’s life.

Count on Our Team to Install Tankless Water Heaters

If you’ve decided that a tankless water heater is a great step for your home, congratulations! You’ve selected a reliable, effective system that will help your home perform more efficiently. When the time comes to install your new unit, trust our plumbers to do the job right. They possess years of experience and undergo a thorough background check!

Don’t Fix Water Leaks Yourself

It can be tempting for a layman to attempt to repair a leaky faucet or length of pipe themselves. In most cases, this is a huge mistake. Licensed, experienced plumbers deal with leaks on an almost daily basis, and as such have the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem.

Furthermore, professional plumbers hold licenses to perform their duties, and are insured so in the event that the unexpected occurs, you the customer aren’t on the hook for further damages.

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