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Drain Stoppage Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

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Few things can be more exasperating than a clogged drain. Unfortunately, they occur all the time and while it’s bad enough in our St. Louis and surrounding areas homes, it can be an absolute disaster for your business. Clogged drains in the urinals or toilets can render them useless, while non-functioning sinks and main drains can turn some of the most important parts of your operation into unusable messes.

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The good news is that Performance Plumbing performs drain stoppage services for businesses throughout the St. Louis, MO area. Whether it’s simply the matter of removing a few leaves or performing more extensive action to remove a stubborn clog, we’ll get the issue cleared up swiftly and effectively. This is especially true for hydraulic fluid clogs and clogs affecting lift stations, injector pumps and grinder pumps. 

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Clogged Drains Need to Be Fixed the Right Way

Every clog is unique, consisting of different materials in different amounts and often sticking in a different part of your plumbing system every time. In beauty salons, it can often be a mixture cut hair and product. In industrial settings, it may be hair and gunk in the floor drain which helps remove spills and cleaning water. Whatever the cause, it needs to be addressed quickly, which means treating the specific nature of the problem.

That’s why you want a professional service like ours on your side instead of using a solution purchased over the counter. Store–bought cleansers and snakes adopt half measures for a wide variety of problems, instead of a single effective measure for your unique problem. They can rarely handle the size of the clog in commercial settings too. Call on us to take care of the problem the right way.

It Can Be Far More that a Nuisance

Clogged drains are an issue during the best of times in our St. Louis and surrounding areas workspaces, but sometimes, they can even affect the equipment we use. Lift stations, injector pumps and grinder pumps can be impacted by clogs, and when they stop working, you stop working: costing you untold amounts of lost business in the process. That’s why you need to turn to the best when it comes to dealing with these kinds of clogs. We have technicians with the precise training and experience you need to get the problem resolved swiftly, and our stocked trucks mean we can get started as soon as we arrive. Call on us to get the job done!

Prevention as Well as Repair

Unclogging a drain in a commercial setting is easy enough if you have the right training and equipment. The tricky part is ensuring that the clog won’t come back. That can depend on the type of commercial property you own and the nature of the clog. Either way, prevention is as much of a concern as repairs when it comes to this plumbing issue.

We can install grease traps, new drain lines and similar accoutrements to help you avoid future drain clogs in your business, ensuring not only that the problem is fixed, but that it doesn’t come back. That fixes the clog for good, not just for now.

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