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Heat Pump Water Heaters in St. Louis and Surrounding Area

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A heat pump water heater helps reduce the amount of energy you use (and the money you spend) to heat water in your home. These are a popular pick for homeowners in St. Louis and the surrounding area who are looking to conserve power without sacrificing quality of life or hot water.

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Allow our experienced, licensed technicians to install your heat pump water heater so you can reduce your monthly energy bill while bringing down that carbon footprint. We pay extra attention to details on matters like these and keep customer service in mind 100% of the way.

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How Do They Work?

Heat pump water heaters are also called hybrid water heaters, because they often work in conjunction with small gas or electric water heaters. They pull heat from the air around your home, then use it to warm the water in the tank. Because the heat from the air is an infinitely renewable resource, it costs much less to generate than heat from a gas or electric source.

Heat pumps can’t provide enough hot water heater to meet the needs of most St. Louis and surrounding areas homes, which is why they work as part of a hybrid gas water heater or hybrid electric water heater in most cases. Even so, the savings can be considerable, and when you factor in the amount of hot water your household needs to run on a daily basis, you can see the benefit.

Every Home Is Different

Hybrid water heaters come in different models and styles, which can be a huge boon in determining the one that works best for you. Hybrid electric water heaters tend to work best in vacation homes in the St. Louis, MO area, or homes that don’t have access to municipal gas lines. Hybrid gas water heaters tend to cost less (natural gas is cheaper than electricity), and work better in homes that have access to natural gas.

Your home has unique needs regardless, and if a heat pump water heater sounds like a good idea, then you’ll need to find one that matches the specifics of your household. Our staff has the knowledge and training you need to make an informed decision as to which system works best for you, as well as the ability to install it in your home and keep it running!

Expertise Matters

Heat pump water heaters offer many benefits, but they’re not something that just any plumber knows about, and without the proper experience and skill on your side, the system won’t work quite as efficiently as it should.

The good news is that our team is ready to go with the skills and experience you need to make the most from your hybrid water heater. That includes not only installation, but repairs and maintenance as well. We’ve got you covered regardless, so call us today!

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