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Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles, Since 1991

Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles, Since 1991

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High Efficiency Water Heater Services in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

Every home in St. Louis and surrounding areas has basic needs, not the least of which is reliable access to hot water. Most households rely on traditional tank water heaters to do the job. That means reliable hot water available on demand without having to pay more than is necessary for it, and that may require thinking out of the box in certain ways.

For instance, high efficiency water heaters can heat the water at much lower cost to you and your home than more traditional forms of water heater. And with the trained team at Performance Plumbing on your side, you have the skilled, experienced technicians to perform installation, repair and maintenance services on a high efficiency water heater for your St. Louis and surrounding areas home. Call on us today and let us go over your options with you.

How Do They Help You?

High efficiency water heaters require a thermal efficiency value of 90% or higher to be considered high efficiency. That means that at least 90% of the energy they consume goes into actual heating power, with the rest lost to waste. They usually accomplish this through the use of a secondary heat exchanger that ensures the heat transfer process is as effective as it can be. That can cut down on the costs of heating water considerably, without skimping on either the heat of the water itself or the quantity of hot water provided. And with our technicians on call, you can be assured of expert service and advice at all stages of your water heater’s life.

Who Benefits?

Every St. Louis, MO home with an eye on saving money can benefit from the installation. Even residences with multiple bathrooms will find their costs reduced, and over time that can pay huge dividends. Obviously, high efficiency water heaters do their best work with large households that need a great deal of hot water, but smaller homes with fewer family members can benefit too.

Cost benefits need to focus on the long term rather than the short term. High efficiency water heaters cost more to install than traditional water heaters, but they will pay dividends over time, and can help ease the strain of monthly household bills. If you’d like to save some money on hot water use in your home, consider the benefits of having one installed.

We’re The Source to Turn To

If you’re going forward with a high efficiency water heater, you don’t want to trust its installation and maintenance to just any company. Our team has the specialized skills required not only to set up a high efficiency water heater in your residence, but to make sure it keeps running as expected for many years to come.

That’s why we keep our technicians up to date on the latest advancements in the field and ensure that they have access to all the tools and equipment they need with fully stocked trucks ready to go. If you want a high efficiency water heater installed, or you have an existing one that needs a little attention, give us a call!

Service Throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, Since 1991