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Sinks and Faucets in St. Louis and Surrounding Area

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Your sinks are some of the most-used plumbing fixtures in your home. We offer exceptional sink and faucet services in St. Louis and the surrounding area. Whether it’s fixing clogs, replacing fixtures, or replacing the entire sink–we’re here to help you with everything your kitchen and bathroom faucets need.

  • Ensuring excellent home comfort in St. Louis and the surrounding area since 1991
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and licensed technicians
  • Quality services at affordable prices

Contact us today, and we’ll get our experienced, licensed plumbers out to you before you know it to settle your sink and faucet-related problems. We’re absolutely certain we can provide the perfect fix you’ve been waiting for; let’s get started.

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Small Issues Deserve a Professional Touch

Most issues with the sinks or faucets in your St. Louis, MO home involve either a leak or a clog, and handy layman may be tempted to correct the issue themselves. In most cases, this is a mistake. Store-bought solutions like cleansers can damage your pipes, and often adopt one size fits all solutions that only partially deals with the problem. Leaks require training and know how to fix properly as well.

Luckily, you have a service you can contact in St. Louis and surrounding areas that can handle leaks and clogs properly. The friendly pros at Performance Plumbing come with the full backing of our BBB rating, and we guarantee the results of our work every time. Trust us to take care of the issue for you!

Replacing a Sink of Faucet is a Big Undertaking

If your sink or faucet needs more than just a repair job, it’s imperative to use a professional plumbing service. Most outlets are uniform in size and a trained professional can put a new sink in without much fuss, but it takes licensing and experience to perform the job properly. That means getting the connections made without leaks or similar issue, and using high quality components to prevent trouble from developing down the road.

If you need a new sink or faucet – either because damage has rendered it inoperable or just because you’d like to trade the existing model in for one more aesthetically pleasing – then our team is the one you want on the job. We’ll provide an estimate up front and perform the job according to your exact specifications.

Count on Us to Ensure the Job Is Done Right

Sinks are designed to last a long time, and when trouble arises, it should be relatively easy to deal with. That means counting on the right personnel to handle in the installation: checking every step of the process and ensuring that the new sink or faucet does exactly what you’re hoping for. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure, and that old saying is especially true with installations like this one.

That’s why we’re so dedicated to performing our duties with the care and attention you deserve. Sinks and faucets are so central to people’s daily lives that we often take them for granted. Our job in installing, repairing and replacing them is to ensure that you never need to worry about whether it’s doing its job. Call us today and let us show you what we can do!

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