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Plumbing, Water Heater and Remodeling Services in Clayton, Missouri

Are you searching for a Clayton plumber? The highly trained plumbers at Performance Plumbing can help you with all of your plumbing needs. Whether you need plumbing repair, water heater services, or a consultation on a complete kitchen / bathroom remodel, we’ve got you covered.

The water heater is a vital part of your home, and when trouble arises, you need a qualified plumber to handle it. Similarly, when your kitchen or bathroom needs remodeling, you need a qualified plumber at your side to ensure that all the piping and outlets are installed the right way.

Plumbing needs to cover all of these areas and more, which is why good plumbers are so important to your Clayton, MO home. The trained team at Performance Plumbing undergoes thorough training and background checks, and our vans are always fully stocked.

Clayton, MO Plumbing Services

Professional plumbers bring a lot more than proper tools to the equation. They bring years of experience, formal training, and the licensing that ensures your plumbing problem gets fixed the right way each and every time.

At Performance Plumbing, we provide quality plumbing services throughout the Clayton, MO area. Our team is trained, experienced and background checked, and our trucks come fully stocked so we can get to work right away. We offer emergency services as well, so call on us today.

Plumbing Repair Jobs Need to Be Performed the Right Way

An average plumbing service will do exactly what is necessary to correct the immediate problem and nothing more. The may use substandard parts that may wear out a short while later, for example, resulting in the same problem happening again. A good plumbing service, on the other hand, makes sure every step is performed properly.

Sink and Faucet Issues Benefit from Professional Plumbers

Sinks and faucets are among the most commonly used spots in our Clayton, MO homes, and when they run into trouble, you might be tempted to try and correct the damage yourself. That’s not recommended.

Only trained and licensed plumbers with the experience of handling troublesome sinks and faucets can properly diagnose the problem and perform repairs the right way. By calling a pro, you can be assured that the trouble will be quickly spotted and efficiently corrected.

Look to Us for Bathroom Shower or Tub Problems

The shower or tub in your home is a vital spot, and when there’s trouble, it can throw your whole day off. Leaks and clogs can prevent you from bathing to clean yourself, and more serious problems can spread to other parts of the house.

Our trained and background-checked team is ready to go whenever you need us, and we have the skills and experience to handle bathroom shower or tub problems of all varieties. Contact our team today and let us show you what we can do!

Water Heater Services in Clayton, MO

Water heater replacement is a big undertaking, and with the right team on the job, you should expect your new system to last a long time. That means professionals with skills and experience to back them up.

We understand how important hot water heaters are to any home, and our trained team has helped earn us a coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For an operation as important as replacing the water heater, you can count on us!

Tank Water Heaters Benefit from Regular Maintenance

Most homes in the area use tank water heaters, and problems with such water heaters tend to evolve over time instead of developing suddenly. Regular maintenance from a trained technician can stop most of those problems before they start: removing sediment building up on the tank, replacing the anode rod to prevent rust and other preventive steps.

Tankless Water Heaters Work Well for Vacation Homes

The problem with tank water heaters in vacation homes or other residences that go unoccupied for periods is that neglect can take its toll. Brackish water, slow heating times and other issues become constant troubles to deal with. Tankless water heaters suffer from no such issues - heating the water as it moves through the pipe itself - making it an ideal solution for vacation homes!

Trust Professionals to Handle Water Leaks

Water leaks rank among the most common problems a homeowner must deal with, at least as far as plumbing goes. While enterprising homeowners may be tempted to attempt repairs themselves, only trained professionals should be trusted with plumbing leaks.

With the right training and licensing, a good plumber can pinpoint the source of the leak very quickly, and make repairs that last. And in the event something goes wrong, you the homeowner are covered, which you won’t get by doing it yourself.

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