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Water Heaters in St. Louis and Surrounding Area

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Whether it’s a tank or tankless water heater, you need hot water in your home. We’re here to help you install brand-new water heater systems, repair them as needed, and maintain them for the long haul so you never have to worry about whether you have hot water on tap and ready to go.

  • Ensuring excellent home comfort in St. Louis and the surrounding area since 1991
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and licensed technicians
  • Quality services at affordable prices

Between our team of experienced, professional plumbers, we’re confident that we’ll be the last plumbing contractors you’ll need in St. Louis and the surrounding area. Let’s get that water heater installed as soon as possible so you can get back to enjoying your home comfort.

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Water Heater Maintenance in St. Louis, MO

Whether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater in your St. Louis and surrounding areas home, and whether it’s a traditional tank model or something more avant–garde, you don’t want to be surprised by any unexpected problems. Water heaters are usually placed in isolated parts of your home, and do their jobs very quietly, which means it can be difficult to spot the signs of a problem until it’s too late.

The best way of preventing this is to schedule regular maintenance sessions (one a year or so) from a trained plumbing service like ours. We can come to homes and businesses throughout the St. Louis, MO area and perform a thorough maintenance session designed not only to spot the signs of potential trouble, but take little steps to correct the small problems that might lead to big ones in the future.

Water Heater Repair in St. Louis, MO

Hot water heaters rarely announce the presence of a problem until the damage is widespread, and by the time you notice that something is wrong, you might be looking at a very expensive repair job indeed. In such circumstances, time is of the essence, and the more quickly you can respond, the easier the repair job will be.

Our team is primed to help. We possess fully stocked trucks, which means we don’t need to waste time getting the right equipment together.

Water Heater Replacement

With proper care, your water heater can last for many years, but sooner or later every appliance needs replacing, and if you live in your home for long enough, you’re going to need to switch out your older water heater for a new one.

When that happens, you want the same team that’s taken care of your water heater – and other aspects of your plumbing – to perform the operation. Our trained technicians are thoroughly background checked and have the backing of the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’ll go over your choices for a new water heater, install the new one safely (and with care to every detail), and remove the old water heater from your home.

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