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Call for Repairs if You Notice These Plumbing Issues

Pipe-RuptureIt can be difficult to tell when your plumbing system is in need of repairs. A lot of plumbing issues can develop right under your nose without showing any obvious symptoms, until they end up causing some very obvious damage that is too late to stop. That’s why we recommend so strongly that you have preventive inspection and maintenance appointments conducted on your plumbing system at least once a year. While maintenance is helpful, though, it isn’t a guarantee of your system’s health. There are still plenty of ways that problems can develop in the system between appointments. For that reason, you need to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms that indicate a need for plumbing repair services. The following are just a few of the ways that you can tell if your plumbing system needs professional repairs.

Falling Water Pressure

Dropping water pressure is never a good sign when it comes to your plumbing system, and it could mean one of two things. First, it could mean that you have a leak in your system. A pretty large one, if it’s diverting enough water out of the plumbing for you to notice it. In that case, you probably will also notice visible water damage where the leak is located. The other possibility is that you have something blocking the pipes, restricting the flow of water through the system. In cases like that, the most common issue is a buildup of limescale. In either case, you should call a professional technician to take a look at the system as soon as possible.

Unusual Water Meter Activity

One easy way to see if you might have a leak in your plumbing system is to turn off all the water appliances in your home and take a look at your water meter. If the meter is still running, then you probably have a leak somewhere in the system. You’re going to need a professional to examine the system to find out exactly where it is, though.

Spikes in Water Bills

As you may have noticed, most of our symptoms so far have been leak-related. This is because leaks are the single most common plumbing issue for homes across the country. They’re also among the most potentially damaging, which is why we’re spending so much time on them. One other way to tell whether or not you have a leak in your home is to keep an eye on your water bills. If your bills suddenly spike between months, and an increase in water usage isn’t to blame for it, then you might have a leak in your plumbing. After all, the water that a plumbing leak diverts from the system still needs to be paid for, whether or not you’re even aware that it’s being wasted.  If you notice this unusual activity on your bills, call a professional plumber as soon as you can.

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