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The Factors That Cause Toilet Troubles

hand-flushing-toiletOne of the most common calls we get in regards to toilet plumbing is about a toilet that won’t stop running. It sounds like a bad joke, but unfortunately, it’s actually a reality for many homeowners throughout the country. Fortunately, though, it’s not a serious problem. Not for our plumbers, anyway.

But it’s definitely an issue you want to take care of right away. Not only is it a nuisance to listen to that running toilet, but this problem also wastes water.

Read on as we dive into your toilet—dive into what’s causing your toilet problems, that is!

A Problem with the Float Ball

The float ball is a component within your toilet’s tank. It’s a ball, and it sinks down when that tank empties with a flush, and it opens the inlet valve on the fill tube. As the tank fills and the float ball rises, eventually the valve closes and it stops the filling process.

However, if the ball is malfunctioning or misaligned, this valve won’t close and the toilet will keep running.

Malfunctioning Refill Tube

This is a component of your toilet that replenishes the water within your toilet’s tank. What’s supposed to happen is that the top of the tube remains above the water level. But if the top of the tube sinks below the water level, your toilet will run even if it hasn’t just been flushed.

Improperly Sized Flush Valve Chain

This chain is the mechanism that pulls open the flush valve and enables fresh water into the tank. If this chain is too long, or even too short, then it can impact the toilet’s ability to flush by not allowing the flush valve to close as it should.

Flush Valve Problems

The flush valve of your toilet is the part that needs to be completely sealed after each flush, as this prevents water from leaking. However, eventually, the flush valve can age to the point that the sealing wears down or starts to develop mineral deposits from hard water. Both of these problems can prevent the valve from properly sealing.

Worn Gasket

The gasket is another seal required for toilet functionality. It sits between the water tank and the toilet bowl. When this part wears down, it may allow water to run from the tank and into the bowl.

“What Can Be Done?”

If you’ve run into any of the above-mentioned problems, it’s important to give our professional plumbers a call right away. A running toilet will wind up wasting gallons of water, causing your water bill to rise and not exactly helping the environment either.

Our experienced plumbers will accurately diagnose the cause of your running toilet and fix the issue before it causes further problems. Of course, you can find plenty of DIY videos and articles online, but sometimes attempting to fix things on your own can cause more harm than good and cost you more money than its worth.

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