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How Hard Water Impacts Your Plumbing and Quality of Life

bathroom-sink-faucet-turned-onYou’ve likely heard of hard water before, but do you know what it is?

This is what occurs when there is a high level of minerals in your tap water—namely magnesium, calcium, and potentially iron as well. These minerals are not unhealthy to ingest, so that’s not a concern. However, they can definitely have a negative impact on your plumbing, and subsequently your quality of life!

With the right plumber in St. Charles, MO, we can assess your water treatment needs, whether it is installing a water softener or determining what other problems might exist with proper water quality testing. Since today we’re focusing on hard water, we’ve outlined below some of the signs you should watch out for that indicate your home is suffering from this issue.

Limescale Buildup on Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

If you notice this throughout your home, you’re most likely suffering from hard water. Mineral deposits will start appearing not only on your faucets and showerhead but also on appliances such as your coffee pot and dishwasher.

This buildup is unsightly, but that’s not the biggest problem—the buildup you’re seeing on the outside is also on the inside of your pipes, where it can and eventually will restrict water flow or cause corrosion.

Dry Skin and Hair after Showering

Due to the excess of calcium and magnesium in the water, taking a shower can leave your skin and hair feeling dry later on. This is because the water isn’t able to nourish your skin or hair and doesn’t react with your soap and shampoo as it should. You can try moisturizing body wash and shampoo, but ultimately you won’t get the results you want with hard water.

Faded Clothes

Hard water impacts any plumbing appliance you have, and this includes your clothes washer. Hard water strips the color away from your clothes much faster than treated water would. You might even notice that your clothes and bedding feel scratchy due to the extra mineral substance.

Water Spots that Won’t Go Away

When your home suffers from hard water long enough, you’ll start to notice water spots you can’t remove. They’ll be in places like your sinks and bathtubs, and even your glassware after you’ve used the dishwasher. This is harmless, but certainly not aesthetically pleasing!

Frequent Plumbing Repairs

Steel pipes don’t handle hard water very well. They can become damaged due to the buildup of minerals and your water flow will eventually be impacted. This can cause corrosion and other pipe problems, leading you to call for drain cleaning and pipe repairs more often than you should have to.

A Rise in Water Bills

As calcium and magnesium build up inside your pipes, it can slowly eat away at the pipes, leading to cracks, corrosions, and subsequent leaks. And even the most minor leak can lead to gallons of water lost over the course of a year—ultimately resulting in higher water bills.

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