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Deciding What to Keep and What to Lose in a Kitchen Plumbing Remodel

mother-and-daughter-in-kitchenThe kitchen is often called “the heart of the home” in just about any home. Maybe you sit at your kitchen island to enjoy a cup of coffee or two each morning before going to work. Maybe your family gathers around the kitchen table each evening and has conversations about your day. Regardless of your relationship with your kitchen, you deserve to have a room that suits your unique tastes and preferences.

That said, if the kitchen isn’t the one you necessarily wanted when you bought your home, you may be looking to remodel. If this is the case, there are a lot of considerations for you to make.


There are some very useful appliances and fixtures in your kitchen that you might not think of very often, and therefore, may dismiss when making changes to your plumbing. But be careful, you could put yourself in one of those “don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” situations!

Your Garbage Disposal

Sure, there are some things that shouldn’t go down your garbage disposal system. Hard food items such as chicken bones and fruit pits should never go down the kitchen sink drain, whether you have a garbage disposal or not. In fact, these items can actually damage the disposal system. Be sure that if you’re moving your kitchen sink or having a new garbage disposal system installed, you only trust a pro for the job.


When planning a kitchen remodel, your plumbing system may have to be reworked, rerouted, or redone altogether depending on how complex the job is. We’re happy to help you with this, and would also like to help you avoid future issues by showing what you could benefit from losing.

Your Pipes

Stay with us here. We get it, “what do you mean lose my pipes? That’s how my plumbing system works!”

Up until the 1960s, plumbers were still using galvanized steel for their pipe installations. It’s long-lasting, but this means about 40-50 years. If your home still has galvanized steel running through the walls or beneath your floor (more on that in a second) then you’d do very well to consider at least partial replacement or a rerouting of your pipes.

The problem with old pipes running underground is that if they corrode and spring a leak, they can cause significant property damage, first off. The second problem is that in order to access the leak, plumbers often have to go right through the floor. If your kitchen has just been newly remodeled, this will understandably be a huge pain!

High Water Bills

We’d bet you agree with us on this one—nobody wants to pay more for their utilities than they have to. This is why you should consider the installation of low flow plumbing fixtures throughout your home, including your kitchen sink. Low flow fixtures help you save gallons upon gallons of water each year, which is beneficial to the environment and your wallet.

For expert kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, MO, contact Performance Plumbing today!

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