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Plumbing Tips when Remodeling Your Kitchen

kitchen-with-couple-standing-in-itWith how much time we’ve spent indoors lately, it’s only natural to think about whether your home is as aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional as you would like. You might be considering changing things up with a kitchen remodel, which is a great idea! Of course, it’s important to remember that remodels do take a lot of work, and some of this work will require the help of a professional plumber.

That’s what we are here for! The best way to optimize your kitchen design in a remodel is with your plumbing. Read on as we uncover some plumbing tips to consider when planning and completing your kitchen remodel.

Consider the Age of Your Plumbing System

How old is your home? If it’s about 40-50 years old, there’s a good chance that your plumbing is that old too, if you have never had repiping done. And once your pipes have reached this age, they’re susceptible to corrosion and other issues that negatively impact how they function. Additionally, if you still have lead pipes, they really do need to be replaced for health reasons.

Check for Corrosion

Yes, your plumbing system is mostly hidden from view, behind walls and beneath your flooring. This is why video pipe inspection is such an important service. Before starting your kitchen remodel, you should consider having this service done to make sure your pipes are in good shape.

The problem is, once corrosion or rust settles in, it’s hard to stop it. So, if it is found that the plumbing in the area you’re remodeling is corrode, you’ll need plumbing replacement. Sometimes, certain sections can be replaces. But if the corrosion is widespread then it may be necessary to replace all the plumbing that has rusted.

Decide if Pipes Should be Moved or Rerouted

Many kitchen remodels work to make better use of the space. Sometimes though, this means you’ll actually have to move some plumbing around to accommodate the new design of the room. As a result, it may be necessary to also upgrade your plumbing so the move can happen as needed, and so that your existing plumbing matches any new plumbing being installed.

Plus, if you’re going to do new flooring as part of your kitchen remodel, you may consider rerouting the plumbing pipes that run under the foundation of your home, particularly if they’re old. The reason we suggest this is because slab leaks can occur in older plumbing—this is when the underground plumbing springs a leak. Slab leaks can do a lot of damage before they’re even discovered. Rerouting your plumbing during a remodel is a great preemptive action to take.

Install Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay less for your water use from month-to-month? This is a great benefit of doing a kitchen remodel—while considering your options you can also choose new plumbing fixtures! Low-flow fixtures save gallons of water each year, and subsequently can save you lots of money, all while helping the environment.

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