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Different Ways to Boost Low Household Water Pressure


If you have ever experienced low household water pressure, you have probably spent some time searching for remedies and different ways to boost it. There are a few things you can do to quickly see an improvement in the water pressure in your home. Try some of these professional tips today and notice the difference it makes!

Invest in Drain Cleaning or Hydrojetting

One of the most common factors that lead to low water pressure is clogged drains and blocked pipes. Over time, sediment and debris can build up in your pipes and drains. Materials such as hair, food, grease, oil and other minerals collect in the pipes and harden, creating a difficult to remove blockage.

These blockages cause your water pressure to suffer. By investing in professional drain cleaning or hydrojetting, you will safely and effectively remove these clogs while improving the overall health of your pipes.

Replace or Adjust the Regulator

Most water suppliers supply water that is too highly pressurized for home use. This is why most homes are outfitted with a water pressure regulator. The regulator works to control the water pressure and keep it at a manageable level for your home.

If you notice reduced water pressure, the fix may be as simple as adjusting the regulator to send more high-pressure water through your plumbing. Additionally, your regulator may be due for a replacement. If you notice that it’s worn out, deteriorating or looks like it has sustained damage, replace it right away to make sure you never have to deal with low water pressure.

Find Out if it’s a Whole House Problem

If you turn on one of your faucets and notice low water pressure, the issue may lie with the specific faucet and have nothing to do with your whole home water pressure. Modern faucets are designed to conserve water.

This means they have many small components where debris or sediment can collect and create a blockage. If this happens, you will experience lowered water pressure. Make sure the faucet is clean and free of sediment or debris before you take any more drastic measures to improve the water pressure in your home.

Install a Booster

A water pressure booster is a good option for homeowners who have tried everything else to improve their water pressure. These boosters attach to your plumbing, and water passes through an electric pump and then into a pressure tank once the pressure has been boosted. After this, the water filters into a reserve tank so you can have access to pressurized water when you need it.

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