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5 Reasons Your Toilet Might Keep Running

open-toilet-with-low-flow-buttonOne of the most frustrating issues you can face in your home, particularly with your bathroom plumbing, is a toilet that doesn’t stop running, no matter how long you wait. Not only is this annoying to listen to, but it will cost you in wasted water, and therefore wasted money.

A running toilet also means you may not be able to flush your toilet. Of course, you’ll want to call for repairs if you discover this issue, but in the meantime read on to learn 5 reasons this might be happening.

The Refill Tube Isn’t Working Right

Your toilet’s refill tube is the part that replenishes the water within the tank. The top of this tube is supposed to remain above water level. However, if it doesn’t do this then you will likely hear intermittent running.

Float Ball Problems

The float ball is a small component that sinks down when your toilet’s tank empties with each flush. This opens up an inlet valve on the fill tube. When the tank is filling up with water, the float ball rises, and this closes the valve and stops the filling process. What happens is that the float ball can get misaligned or it can start malfunctioning, disallowing the valve the close completely and the water will continue to run.

The Flush Valve Chain Isn’t the Right Length

This chain is responsible for pulling open the flush valve and allowing fresh water into the tank as wastewater is flushed out. If this chain is either too short or too long, then it can interfere with the ability of the flush valve to properly close.

Flapper Issues

The flapper is another name for the flush valve, and this component needs to seal completely after each flush in order to keep water from leaking from the toilet tank. This component can age to the point that it stops working effectively, and it can also develop mineral deposits and/or wear down. All of this can prevent it from properly sealing and can require replacement.

Worn Gasket

The toilet’s gasket is the seal between the tank and the bowl. If it gets too worn out, then it will enable water to run into your bowl from the tank.

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