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Why You Might Want to Do a Kitchen Remodel

woman-and-girl-washing-hands-at-kitchen-sinkWe recently wrote about how to achieve a successful kitchen remodel, but what if you’re still deciding if you even want to remodel your kitchen? There are a lot of factors to consider, after all. Do you want everything in the same place as it was? Do you need new plumbing fixtures, or even repiping services? What sort of appliance upgrades should you make?

With so many choices to sift through, it can be overwhelming and could potentially discourage you from getting started. But if you have the right team on your side, a kitchen remodel certainly doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re here for you to answer any questions you might have, and to help you get started. Read on as we uncover a few reasons why you might want to go ahead and do a kitchen remodel.

You Can Lower Energy and Water Use

For many homeowners, the choice to start a kitchen remodel lies in how much energy and water their current home uses, particularly in older houses. Older homes can often benefit from a major plumbing overhaul that has the potential to reduce their energy waste, both through older and outdated appliances, plumbing fixtures, and pipes that might be leaking water into unfortunate locations.

There are a number of ways to reduce energy waste in a kitchen remodel that have nothing to do with your pipes or plumbing appliances, too. You might decide to choose more efficient, LED lighting, and a stove that is from ENERGY STAR.

You Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Pretty much any type of home remodel has the potential to increase the value of your living space. Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or way off in the future, it is never an unwise investment to increase its perceived value. Plus, kitchens are one area that gets the most scrutiny from potential homebuyers.

Worn-out, old-fashioned kitchens tend to have worn-out, old-fashioned plumbing appliances and pipes too. This means that a future buyer immediately has risk moving in–they may have to invest in repiping themselves, and this could deter them from even making an offer.

A kitchen remodeling project that includes updating your plumbing will give your living space a 21st century update and help everything feel newer. Even if you plan on keeping your home in the family, your household can enjoy an updated, more efficient kitchen now.

It’s an Opportunity to Embrace Change

Sometimes, the best reason to make a change in your home and update through remodeling is to create some change! If you want something fresh and new in your home, that’s as good of a reason as any. Imagine the refreshing feeling that could come from taking an outdated, malfunctioning, or even just old and tired-looking kitchen and making it new again.

Remember though, to make the most of your kitchen remodel, you’ll want to work with a qualified team… and that’s what we are here for!

For expert plumbing services, including professional kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, MO, look no further than Performance Plumbing. Contact us today! 

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