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Keep Your Home Safe from Water Damage with an Automatic Shutoff Valve

Pipe-RupturePlumbing leaks are both a common issue, and a potentially serious one. It’s possible that a leak could just cause a bit of water damage in a localized area, or it could end up flooding an entire floor of your home. If you know where your manual shutoff valve is, you can mitigate a lot of water damage caused by a leak if you react quickly enough. That’s not always the best way to deal with it, though. Have a look below at some of the ways that an automatic shutoff valve can better protect your home.

Why Manual Shutoff Isn’t Great

All homes are outfitted with a manual shutoff valve, just in-case plumbing repairs or upgrades need to be done. It’s also often used in plumbing emergencies to cut off the flow of water and limit potential water damage. This works in a pinch, but it’s not the ideal solution in a lot of cases.

There are two main issues with relying on your manual shutoff valve to get things under control in-case of a plumbing leak. The first issue is that if you don’t know where your water shutoff valve is, then you might have some trouble finding it in time to prevent part of your home becoming a swamp in case of an emergency. The location of the shutoff valve is not standardized, so it’s not even as simple as telling you here where it might be. You don’t want to have to run all over your property looking for it when you need it.

The second problem with relying on your manual shutoff valve is that you have to actually, you know, be in your home in order to use it. If a plumbing emergency comes up while you’re asleep, or out of the house, your home will be essentially unprotected. Trust us when we tell you that it’s not fun to come home from vacation to find your home flooded. That’s where an automatic shutoff valve comes in.

Why You Need an Automatic Shutoff Valve

An automatic shutoff valve monitors the flow and pressure of water in the plumbing system at all times. As soon as the device detects an unusual behavior in the system, it automatically shuts off the flow of water. You don’t need to even be aware that your plumbing system is having any issues before the device acts to protect your home. This could save you thousands of dollars, not to mention the frustration of having to deal with the levels of water damage that a lot of plumbing emergencies can cause. So, do yourself a favor and install an automatic shutoff valve in your plumbing system today. Better to have it installed and not need it, than to install it after having to clean up tons of water damage it could have prevented.

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