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Reasons Behind a Clogged Toilet


Possible Problems

A lot of people take toilets for granted until something goes wrong with them. Although, a simple plunger can fix a clogged toilet, this isn’t always the case. Here is a number of 10 common plumbing-problems a toilet can be having such as a weak flusher, strong but partial flusher, phantom flusher, bowl water level drops, double flusher, whistling tank fill, slow tank fill, dripping and tank filling, sluggish flush, and suction sounds in the tub and sink.

What Causes the Problems

A weak flusher causes flushing problems simply because it doesn’t have the power to completely cycle water. Some people may be noticing that their toilet flushes strong but only partially. The cause of this problem is a damaged flapper. Sometimes the tank fills with water even if nobody has used the bathroom. This is a sign of leakage, which is triggering the tank to fill with water.

Another big problem is when the toilet bowl seems to empty out for no reason. The real reason behind this is a rag, cloth, or even excessive toilet paper stuck inside the colon of the toilet, causing the water to drain. If a toilet double flushes it’s because of a misaligned water-level in the tank. Even though a whistling tank can be really annoying, it’s simply the result of an old toilet setup. A slow tank fill is best left alone and is caused by an intentionally, partially closed valve.

A dripping and filling tank is caused by a misaligned tube inside of the toilet tank. On the other hand, a sluggish flush is the result of a pipe blockage. One of the most annoying problems caused by blockage are suction sounds inside the tub and sink. This sort of problem is best done by a plumber.

Who Can Fix It?

Even though some of these problems are very minute, it’s best to have a plumber look at them. Don’t worry about having to pay lots of money for such a small problem because labor is not a factor in that kind of case, so the cost will be very low. However, what may seem like a small problem may wind up being a large problem. Aside from that, certain problems can’t be fixed without certain tools. Whatever the case may be, it is best to have a plumber take a look at it.

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