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Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands


There are dozens of companies that make kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures for the American market. Each year, more brands are added to the selection, making the process of choosing the right fixtures for a loyal customer base more complex. Professional plumbers are busy, so finding time to research newly developed fixture brands and styles is difficult.

Most pros have a select few brands they regularly use for different applications. People depend on the professionals to fix a problem the first time, and risking your reputation on faulty equipment is not worth saving a few bucks.

With years of experience, you learn first hand how to spot a potentially problematic design flaw. With that in mind, here is a list of the tried and true, top 10 plumbing fixture brands used by professional plumbers.

1. Grohe

When costs are not prohibitive, and long term reliability is the most important factor, Grohe European designed faucets come in with very high ratings.

2. Gerber

In business since 1932, Gerber has earned a reputation of producing high performance, high efficiency fixtures for the kitchen and bath.

3. American Standard

For over 100 years the American Standard brand has worked hard to deserve its name. With a line of virtually clog free toilets and fixtures, getting an angry call back is highly unlikely.

4. Brass Craft

If you’re looking for one company that makes just about everything, including water supply, gas supply and drain cleaning, Brass Craft is worth a look.

5. Crane

Widely used in both residential and commercial applications across all of North America, Crane is certainly an industry leader.

6. Toto

Toto fixtures are used world wide for their unbeatable ability to conserve water, and do it with style!

7. General Electric

A household name for longer than a century, GE doesn’t just make appliances. They have a beautiful line of kitchen and bath fixtures as well.

8. Delta

Delta provides a huge selection of elegant looking fixtures that fit just about every budget. What they may lack in durability, they make up for in ease of finding low cost replacement parts.

9. Kohler

Still very affordable, and with great reliability ratings, Kohler is a popular brand across the US. After acquiring the Sterling Faucet Company in 1984, they have even more innovative products than ever.

10. Moen

Known for their sleek, award winning style, and extensive selection, Moen creates innovative products for the kitchen and bathroom that stand up to real life.

While the list above is ordered from one to ten, it should be known that they are not listed in any particular order. This is because of the many factors involved with selecting a brand of plumbing fixture for your specific project.

Sometimes cost is the most important factor to a homeowner. Other times, the customer has a certain look in mind, and nothing else will do. Of course, there are applications when style and budget are secondary to water conservation.

All of these variables play a roll in determining which brand a professional plumber will use for a project. It is clear, though, that the ten companies listed above consistently out sell the competition year after year.

If you’re in need of plumbing fixtures in your St. Louis home, these are the recommended best! Call Performance Plumbing Inc at (636) 332-8220 for installation.

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