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How You Can Boost Water Heater Efficiency

water-coming-out-of-faucet-creating-steamThese days, with homeowners spending a lot more time in their living spaces than ever before, it’s easy to understand why home comfort has become a bit of a buzzword. Home comfort means a lot of things—having the right HVAC systems in place, addressing any indoor air quality issues you might have, and maintaining your plumbing system. A big part of that plumbing system? Your water heater!

Water heaters are one of the unsung heroes of any home. They’re an appliance we use every day and yet you likely take it for granted. Due to this, you may actually be using your water heater inefficiently, and paying more than you should have to in order to use it. The good news is, there are ways to boost your water heater efficiency. Read on as we uncover some of them!

Turn Down the Thermostat

When you want to use either your heater or your air conditioner most efficiently, what do you do? Hopefully, you adjust the thermostat! Often, homeowners set their water heater thermostats higher than they really need to be.

The problem with this is, especially with a standard tank water heater, unless you’re using every drop of that hot water, you’re wasting a lot of energy through standby heat loss. The hot water that sits in your tank cools down naturally. To reach your desired temperature, the heating elements have to come on and stay on until the water is hot enough.

According to the Department of Energy, while the factory preset for most hot water heaters is between 130-140°F, most people can get by comfortably with the thermostat set to 120°F. By lowering your thermostat 10° like this, you could save 5% on your total water heating costs.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

Are you still using a standard tank system water heater? There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, unless it’s aged considerably. When well cared for, water heaters can last about two decades. But that means it should be properly maintained throughout the years and that you should keep on top of any repair needs that crop up.

If your water heater has been well maintained but is approaching that age, you still might want to consider upgrading. Even in the last 5 years or so, technology advancements have allowed for much more efficient tank water heaters, and even more efficient tankless water heaters. Ask us about our high efficiency water heater options!

Make Sure You Have the Right Sized Water Heater

Have you ever checked to ensure that the water heater in your home is the right size for your home? People tend to believe that the smaller the water heater, the more energy saved, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

In fact, an undersized water heater will be overworked, with the burners constantly running as you use up your hot water. Investing in the right size water heater for your specific home and needs is vital to using your water heater efficiently. And our team can help!

Performance Plumbing installs and services a wide range of water heaters in St. Louis, MO and beyond. Contact us today!

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