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Drain Cleaning: Are You Doing It Right?

plumber-unclogging-drain-with-drain-snakeThe short answer to this is, if you’re using store-bought, chemical-based drain cleaners to relieve clogs, then no, you’re not doing it right.

Using these chemical “solutions” is no solution at all and can actually do more harm than good to the health of your plumbing system. Sure, it may solve the problem in the short term, however, it will only exacerbate the problems you’ll face later.

Read on to learn more about why you shouldn’t use store-bought chemical drain cleaners, and how to clean drains the right way.

The Danger of Store Bought Drain Cleaners

Have you ever noticed the number of warning labels posted all over the bottle of the average store-bought drain cleaning solution? They’re there for a reason—most of these products contain some nasty chemicals. They’re highly caustic—this means they eat through whatever is clogging your drain pipe, but they also eat through the drain pipe.

This doesn’t happen right away, of course. But over time, using these chemical-based products starts to degrade your plumbing. Years of using them will cause leaks to form easier, and will eventually force you to invest in partial or whole-house repiping much earlier than you should have had to. The cost of needing to replace pipes throughout your plumbing system isn’t worth the benefit of having your drain cleaner within easy reach.

The Power of Professional Drain Cleaning

So, what is the solution, then? Professional drain cleaning services! Our plumbers understand that the average store-bought drain cleaner will do far more harm than good, which is why we simply do not use them! Instead, we use equipment, tools, and techniques that do not harm your pipes.

For example, drain snaking is one method of drain cleaning we use—and it’s the oldest and most popular method for clearing out stubborn clogs. A long cord with an auger on the end of it is lowered into your pipe until it comes into contact with the clog. Then, the auger drills through the clog, or latches onto it, and pulls it out to free up the pipe.

What if the clog is a bit harder to remove, though? For instance, you might have had tree roots break through your sewer line, or you could have waste or limescale build up on the walls of your pipes. For this, hydro-jetting is often necessary. A hydro-jet is similar to a drain snake, except that the auger on the end sends a high-pressured water stream to scour the inside of your pipes. This effectively removes whatever is causing your drain clog, and prevents further clogs from developing.

One more tool our plumbers use that’s worth mentioning is video pipe inspection. A camera is attached to a long cord we insert into your drain in order to see way down deep inside and determine what the problem is causing your clogs. This allows us to clean your drains with precision, rather than going in blindly and hoping we got it all.

For quality drain cleaning services and more, contact Performance Plumbing today!

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