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You Might Have a Plumbing Leak If…

white-pipe-with-blue-clothWe’ve all seen them—those shows or movies that depict a homeowner discovering a leak when a massive rainstorm hits or when they really need to get their living space ready for a gathering. These are scenes that typically involve buckets being placed all throughout the home, or an aggressive stream of water spewing out of a kitchen sink cabinet.

While these scenes are great for dramatic effect, they’re also examples of leaks that weren’t caught until they already caused their damage. The thing is, if you have a leak of any kind in your home, you want to find the problem ASAP. If you’re wondering how, that’s what we are here for! Read on.

Signs That You Have a Leak

By discovering the signs that you might have a leak, it gives you time to call our team so we can come in and inspect, and make the appropriate repairs. Read on as we uncover some of the most common signs!

Your Water Bills Have Increased

Have you discovered that lately, no matter how careful you are about your water use, the water bills seem to only be increasing? This isn’t an evil plan from your municipal water district! It is, however, a sign that water is leaving your home unexpectedly, and probably leaking somewhere really inconvenient.

Your Water Pressure Is Reduced

It might pip up first at a sink faucet, or maybe your shower, but water pressure changes are typically pretty noticeable, and this isn’t something you want to ignore. This is often the sign of a burst pipe or even a growing clog.

You Hear Water Running, Despite Nothing Running

So let’s say that all your plumbing appliances are off. Nobody is in the shower or using a sink. But, you swear you hear water running. Unfortunately, you could be hearing a leak behind your drywall, or even beneath your home’s foundation—this is called a slab leak.

This can be a really damaging type of leak, so if you do hear running water with no explanation, please give us a call as soon as you can.

Your Water Meter Is Overactive

Perhaps you listen for the sound of running water but didn’t hear anything, yet still suspect a leak. There’s another way to check! Take a moment to go to your water meter, and check for activity that is happening without reason.

You can do this by looking at where it is, and then going back and checking it after a half hour or so, as long as you didn’t use any plumbing fixtures or appliances in that time.

You Detect the Odor of Mold or Mildew

This is a sign that there is moisture in your home. If it’s excessively humid in your house, this could be the culprit. However, a more likely cause is that you have a leak. Please give us a call so we can take a look.

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