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3 Common DIY Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

hands-poised-to-envision-future-bathroom-settingDIY projects are fun, right? Not only that, but they’re affordable! These are two great reasons for you and your family to engage in them. But when does a DIY project go too far? Well, potentially when it leaves you with more damage than remodeled parts, and a need to call in a professional plumber to fix mistakes that were made.

That’s not to say these mistakes were your fault, of course. But the fact of the matter is, our plumbers go through a lot of training and have extensive experience with jobs of this caliber, and they know how to avoid the most common of DIY mistakes. What are these mistakes, exactly? We have 3 to share below!

Mistake #1: Not Considering Practicality

Many homeowners jump into a remodel project considering aesthetics first and foremost. This is understandable, but you may regret it later on. And we get tit, the reason most homeowners even plan a remodel, to begin with, is because there’s something about their current space that doesn’t look appealing, and remodeling gives them the opportunity to change those aesthetics.

But you need to think about how easily you’ll be able to access and use fixtures like your shower, sink, or toilet. Plus, you need enough counter space for your toiletries. It’s important to consider the daily needs of your entire home before beginning a bathroom remodel.

Mistake #2: Not Understanding Square Footage Limitations

Our highly experienced and trained plumbing professionals can do a lot with just about any bathroom space, allowing you to fit in the various fixtures and appliances that you want and need in a typically crowded space.

The average homeowners don’t really consider the limitations of their bathroom space, and they’re easy to reach. Working with a qualified plumber, however, means that you will have an expert to help you determine how many of your remodeling goals you can realistically meet. We can help you manage expectations and still end up with a beautiful bathroom!

Mistake #3: Not Following the Proper Steps

As we’ve been alluding to throughout this post, homeowners are often determined to do a bathroom remodel all on their own, without consulting the help of a professional plumber. This is, of course, your prerogative. But you should know what steps to follow. These steps below are commonly skipped in DIY projects, and result in the need for professional services to fix, anyway.

  • Properly Measuring for Toilet Placement: Are you aware of what the right toilet rough-in measurement is for your bathrooms? Your home may not match the current standard, particularly if it’s an older home.
  • Venting Drains Correctly: poor drain ventilation will lead to a dry sink trap. This means there will be no barrier between the bathroom and sewer system, and you could find yourself facing unhygienic backup.
  • Sloping the Shower Floor: Homeowners often don’t know that they need to slope their shower floor enough to let the water flow freely into the shower drain. Without this step, you’ll find standing water in your shower that you can’t get rid of.

These are just a few of the things that can go wrong in a well-intentioned but amateur bathroom plumbing remodel. Contact our team when you’re ready to work with a pro!

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